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Attributes of God by Arthur W. El sing Elohim pl. Eternal, mighty, strong, powerful. All-sufficient Satisfying Abundantly bless Nourish. Master Lordship Right to complete possession Right to command Protective. Ex Lev , 3 Lev ,2. Gen , 8 2 Sam And God has revealed Himself in His book.

Any deviation from that insight from Him is a made-up god. Tozer in Knowledge of the Holy finds 18 characteristics of God in the Bible. They are repeated here, although not in the same order. The Bible says to praise God for who He is, especially in prayer.

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Much of Psalms is a good example of this. How impossible it is for us to understand His decisions and His ways! He is without measure.

This attribute by definition impacts all of the others. Since God is infinite, everything else about Him must also be infinite. It makes Him absolutely free to do what He knows to be best. God is in control of everything that happens. Man still has a free will, and is responsible for his choices in life. Holiness : This is the attribute that sets God apart from all created beings. It refers to His majesty and His perfect moral purity. But do not think for one moment, that he does not recognize also succession.

He does not know succession himself, but he recognizes it. And he knows that one thing follows another in his plan. He is also unlimited by space.

Attributes of Allah repeat for 1 hour long 99 names of GOD

He is here, but he is also there. And he is a thousand miles from here, and he is out in space.


Praying the Names and Attributes of God

And every part of him is here, and every part of him is there. Does that strain your mind? Do you find your little mind beginning to get weary of trying to understand this? Well, good. Those things are perfectly alright.

Attributes of God in Christianity

But it would be good for us to stretch our minds a little bit; and get them tired by thinking about God some. Omnipresence emphasizes the fact that he is here, and he is everywhere; here. His immensity stresses the fact that he is transcendent over everything, and he is there everywhere. That means you cannot hide from him. It also means of course, that we too — since we have been created anew in him — have those longings for eternity, that he himself has in perfection. Think back as far as you can, and when it all begins to dim out into just mist, God is there.

Go and look into the future until finally, you cannot imagine anything else. And God is beyond that. He is infinite. That means, of course, that there is no possible way for us to escape him as Christians, too. You know, I — I remember an amusing story of a man who was trying to teach his kid how to steal watermelons. And his father went out, saw a nice watermelon. He looked this way, and he looked that way. And he looked this way, and he looked that way.

Guide to the Attributes of God | Zondervan Academic

Impossible to escape God. He is the infinite God. Infinite God. You may hide something from me. You can even hide something from your husband or from your wife, but you cannot hide anything from the infinite God. That means when we lean upon him, we can count upon him too.

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And just a brief word about this. And let me just say this; that the unity of God means, that he is unique, and he is indivisible. He is one of a kind, and it is impossible to divide the being of God. Now, we will talk next time about three persons, but we cannot divide the being of God. He is a unified person. Now, these stress the personal nature of God. The spirituality of God.

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John chapter 4, verse What a temptation to talk about all of these, for they are so significant, but we must hurry. Our Lord utters this word. And they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. He is immaterial in his being. Now of course, some of these attributes are communicable. Angels are also immaterial.

God is spiritual. Second, the intellectual attributes of knowledge, wisdom, and voracity.

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Now, voracity means that he is true to the idea of the God-head. In others words, what a God should be — a Godhead should be — he is true to that. But here, he possesses the intellectual attributes of knowledge and wisdom. Romans chapter 11, verse Paul has just completed his great study in the relationship of the nation Israel to the nations of the earth.

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And he has discussed the plan of the ages, and in the course of it, he makes some wondering statements concerning God. For who has known the mind of the Lord?